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Welcome to YourVisaPath

G’Day. We are an immigration company, called Working In Visas, with over 20 years’ experience helping people move from overseas to live and work here in Australia.

Working In Visas have assisted thousands of happy people with their journey to a new life in Australia. We wanted to extend our help and expertise to more people around the world, which is why we have developed YourVisaPath.

Your best pathway to Australia

YourVisaPath is a full review of your ability to move to Australia, with your own personal report written by one of our Registered Migration Agents. It includes a face-to-face Zoom meeting with your Journey and Migration Consultant to review your results, answer any questions and give you solid advice and support on your best pathway to Australia, no matter where in the world you are.  

You may have seen one of our webinars already or talked to one of our team.   

We welcome you and we are so pleased you are considering a move to our beautiful country. 

Australia wants you

Australia’s economy is booming, which means there are now massive skills shortages across multiple sectors. Specific occupations can move to Australia, right now.

The Australian borders are open. Australia as a nation is ready to meet its target of welcoming over 160,000 people to our country every year. You could be one of them. 

Trusted advice

If you are serious about making the move to Australia, you will already know that getting the right visa and securing a job are very important parts of the process. 

Applying for the right visa can determine the length of time you are able to spend in Australia. Equally important is ensuring that your application is submitted correctly for Australia - this can mean the difference between your visa being approved or not. 

YourVisaPath is not a computer-generated report. It is an expert immigration process undertaken by one of our  Registered Migration Agents, unique to you. You will receive a solid, professional opinion on the best pathway to achieving your dream of living here in Australia, and meet your Migration and Journey Consultant for a one-on-one session. 

Unique advice, specific to you

We understand that every scenario is unique. YourVisaPath has been designed to assess your complete situation - who you are, what you do, your work experience, your specific education, and your health background.  

If you are moving with a partner or family members, YourVisaPath assesses them as well, to deliver solid advice for your whole family. 

YourVisaPath - your personalised, written report

We know that immigration can be complex - we work with it every day. We have made YourVisaPath simple, so you are clear on your journey forwards. 

First you fill in the YourVisaPath online assessment, then your personalised report is prepared to help you determine your eligibility.  

The detailed YourVisaPath report you will receive is compiled just for you, in easy-to-understand language, by one of our Registered Migration Agents. 

We have found that many people believe they are eligible to migrate to or work in Australia but then hit roadblocks later in the process, such as their background or issues with accompanying family members. YourVisaPath gives you total clarity from the beginning. 

Your personalised pathway to Australia in three simple steps

Complete online assessment

It only takes about 15 minutes to complete your YourVisaPath online assessment. YourVisaPath is NOT a system-generated product. Your details are reviewed by one of our Registered Migration Agents, who creates a customised report for your unique situation.  

Receive your report

You’ll receive your personalised YourVisaPath report, with pages of helpful information, as well as a summary outlining your exact options and pathway to a life in Australia. 

Talk face to face

Once you’ve received your report, you’ll have a one-on-one meeting online with a dedicated Journey & Migration Consultant. They will talk you through their findings and recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.

Get ahead of the tide now

With the border now open there is a massive demand to enter Australia.  

Get ahead of the tide now by taking the first step with YourVisaPath. You’ll have the advantage over those who are yet to get underway. 

Complete YourVisaPath now 

Face-to-face consultation

Once you have read your report, we arrange your one-on-one consultation with your Journey and Migration Consultant who can answer any questions you may have. 

This is a brilliant opportunity to engage with a specialist who knows everything about making the move to Australia and who is fully informed about you and your unique situation. 

These calls usually take 45 minutes, and they are your chance to learn as much as you can about the report and your next steps. 

We are a genuine, hard-working team of experts who have spent the past 20 years helping people migrate to our beautiful country. It’s what we are passionate about. We really enjoy our consultations and working out the best plan for potential migrants to Australia. 

Our Migration Agents know all the latest regulations

The Australian Government is constantly adjusting its immigration policy. That means visa options for skilled migrants are changing all the time.  

Our expert team of Registered Migration Agents manage thousands of visas every year. They are very knowledgeable and completely up to date with current regulations. 

We will personally manage your situation to guide you on the best possible path to a new life in Australia. 

Over 20 years’ experience 

We have helped thousands of people make their dream of living in Australia a reality. It’s what we know and love. 

Based in Australia and New Zealand, our expert team of Registered Migration Agents is complemented by a team of International Recruitment Specialists. We have all the expertise you need, under one roof, to manage your move to Australia.   

YourVisaPath is produced by Working In Visas and Working In Australia - Australia’s most trusted visas and immigration company. 

Why buy YourVisaPath?

YourVisaPath is a personal immigration service for people seriously looking to move to Australia:

  • You will get absolute clarity and assurance on the best pathway for you and any family members.
  • Be guided on the best route to staying in Australia for as long as possible or permanently migrate (the goal of many of our clients).
  • Get peace of mind about any family members migrating with you.
  • Rest assured that we will de-risk your visa process for you.
  • Be advised of any red flags that Australia immigration authorities may see as an issue. Your education, your work experience, your occupation name, your health, the age and health of your children.
  • YourVisaPath recognises any potential hurdles ahead of your visa application.


We’ve been helping skilled people move to Australia for over 20 years. It’s what we know and love to do. Hear what people now living in Australia have to say.

Jinu John


The Services provided by your team were exceptional and of the highest quality. 

Jinu John


Kerrie Cox


The YourVisaPath team kept me up to date at every stage and all my communications were responded to quickly and efficiently. 

Kerrie Cox


James Garcia


I spent two years researching moving to Australia and trying to find my way to clarity. Within a week of deciding to do YourVisaPath, I had a clear path forward, understood the whole process and felt like a huge weight had lifted from my shoulders. Seriously, do not hesitate. It’s a life changer and worth every penny. I wish I had done it sooner. 

James Garcia


Arya Khatri


A super sharp process that exceeded our expectations. Thank you for helping us. We now know exactly what we need to do, and we are on a clear mission to get to Australia! 

Arya Khatri


Ray Cheng


The best money we ever spent, hands down. We are so excited to get going on our plans now. Thank you to your superb team. 

Ray Cheng


Jennifer Bryne


Really simple and easy to follow. I was so impressed by the level of genuine care and support I received too. If I decide to apply for a visa for Australia there is no one else I would consider using, these guys are the best. 

Jennifer Bryne


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  1. Personalised report
    You will receive your personal report written by one of our advisers.
  1. Face-to-face meeting with one of our Journey and Migration Consultants.
    This is our favourite part – meeting you, advising you and assisting you on the next steps. Scheduled for a time that suits your local time zone, we usually do these calls through Zoom and they take about 45 minutes.  
  1. Overview of immigration options
    An up to date document detailing the visa policies – give you information in one place to better understand your personalised report.

Take the leap today - invest in your future goals

At AUD $395 we understand that YourVisaPath is something you may need to budget for but  let us assure you that it is worth every cent. The expert, personal immigration advice, guidance, support and peace of mind that you will receive will be well worth the investment. YourVisaPath will save you time and money wondering about your best route to Australia. Learn, with total certainty, how you should go about your application for both yourself and your family, avoiding any potential risks or hurdles on your journey. Take the first step today to get underway

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, YourVisaPath is a complete visa assessment of your eligibility to move based on current immigration policy and regulations. One of our Registered Migration Agents will assess the information that you provide and will create a report that clarifies your eligibility to move to Australia and outlines your best pathway. It also includes a 45-minute follow-up consultation with a Journey and Migration Consultant who will explain the immigration process and answer any questions you have about moving to Australia.

YourVisaPath is a paid-for service as the report is put together just for you by one of our  Registered Migration Agents. As part of the service, you also get a one-on-one  meeting with a Journey and Migration Consultant (usually on Zoom or Skype) to go through your report so you can ask any further questions. It is a valuable service that gives you complete clarity about your ability to move. The price is  $395 and if you are serious about moving to Australia is it well worth it.

The assessment and consultation provided by YourVisaPath does much more than confirm that you are eligible for a visa. During the call we will show you how to make the move to Australia. The steps you need to take, the hurdles you need to overcome and how we can help. You also get answers to any questions you have about making the move.

Yes, as part of the report, we ask for your partner’s full details. Sometimes, as part of the process, we discover that your partner should be the primary applicant on the application (usually because of their occupation).

Yes. This is very important. To give you a full pathway we will ask about the ages of your children, their health, and any legal limitations. When we know the facts, we can give you complete clarity on a move for the whole family.

Yes, all of our Migration Agents are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) and governed by the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents. Our team have years of combined experience lodging thousands of successful visa applications.

If you are looking to make the move to Australia within the next two years you should start the process with us by completing YourVisaPath now.

Our team is based in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Philippines. We are available to talk and can be contacted by email. Once the process gets underway your Journey and Migration Consultant will be in touch to set up a time to meet online. 

Of course. The next natural step after YourVisaPath is for us to help with your complete visa application. Once you are ready, we will supply a quote for your full application, and you can then decide if you want to use our expert team.

There are many costs involved in the move. Fees for Visas, medical checks, police checks, assistance fees, shipping, flights, etc. You need to understand how these costs apply to you and when they are due. As part of the YourVisaPath consultation we focus on the costs involved in making the move so you can set a clear plan and budget.

The upper age limit under the General Skilled Migration pathway is 45 years inclusive. There are however some instances where you can permanently migrate even if you are older, and we can advise on this as part of your YourVisaPath assessment.

Yes, we can assist with all types of Visas for Australia  including business, investment, and partnership visas.

Yes, we can provide employment support to put you in the best position to secure a job offer in Australia. Our expert recruitment team are connected to a nationwide network of Australian employers. We have been helping Australian employers connect with skilled people from overseas  for over 20 years.

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